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5 Facts That You Need to Know When Looking for a Shipping Container for Sale

Shipping containers are essential to every shipping business because they facilitate the shipment of products from one country to another. Many of us are not aware that nearly all imported products from other countries are transported by shipping containers before goods are delivered to consumers. This article will provide information regarding how shipping containers were started, who started it all and how important it is to our daily lives.

1. Malcom McLean (1913-2001) was the one who started the development of metal shipping in order to aid for the replacement of the traditional method of handling and transporting of goods. He started this in 1965 and until today, his idea of transporting goods or products through shipping containers are widely used by almost all businesses and organizations.

2. A new shipping container for sale on the market today can last up to 20 years. Although it is best to use new shipping containers, some business owners are using recycled or used shipping containers which are widely available on the market. As a matter of fact, recycling old shipping containers can give you savings if you are on a tight budget.

3. The standard shipping container can store up to 1,150 cubic feet or in lay man’s term, up to 3,596 shoe boxes. A new shipping container for sale on the market today which is 40′ can store up to 2,700 cubic feet or around 8, 443 shoe boxes.

4. The new shipping containers for sale are equipped with a BIC code. The BIC code is comparable to license plates on cars. The standard format is [XXX-U-123456-1] wherein the first three letters indicate the owner of the shipping container, followed by another letter signifying the category of the shipping containers, followed by the six digit serial number and the last digit is the check digit. The categories for shipping containers are U = freight container, J = freight related equipment and Z = trailers or chassis.

5. Almost all shipping containers are carried and transported by cargo ships. There is only a little percentage share of FedEx and other similar logistics companies which corresponds to about 5% of the total shipment of the world. Shipping goods with the use of shipping containers is still recommended because it is still a lot cheaper to transport goods using ships rather than cargo planes or other means of transportation.

A new shipping container for sale is just around the corner for you. If there is no available supplier or manufacturers nearby, searching the internet for manufacturers is the best thing to do. But before communicating with a shipping container manufacturer, make sure that you are familiar with important details of the business and also with the relevant information regarding shipping containers in order to select the containers you need.