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Tips for Buying Used Containers.

If you have a business which requires shipping containers and your budget is tight, there is a solution. You can resort to buying used shipping containers. But there are considerations which you need to think about before purchasing them. Included in this article are tips which can help you when buying used shipping containers.

1. Evaluate your business’s need for shipping containers. You can freely choose to buy used shipping containers if there is a need for your business to save money rather than buying expensive new containers. If your business doesn’t require you to buy shipping containers, you can look at shipping container rental services. This is highly recommended for businesses which are not engaged in using containers continuously.

2. Make sure you get the dimensions of shipping containers right that are required for your business. There are standard sizes for shipping containers set by the ISO, especially for transport containers used for international trade, make sure you follow these standards. Knowing this can prevent you from buying the wrong shipping containers.

3. Consider buying used shipping containers on the market because doing this can save you money. Used shipping containers are commonly purchased by many because it gives them the opportunity to really save big time compared to buying new shipping containers. You’d be surprised at the amount of good quality containers on the market from companies that went bust during the recession.

4. A lot of used shipping containers look good, but might not be of good quality. Yes, it is true that new shipping containers have the best quality but you can also find used shipping containers which are still in good condition. Make sure to look for containers which don’t compromise quality just because they are offered at a low price. Make sure that you thoroughly do your research online and in your local area. Think of looking for used shipping containers as looking for a used car, it’s more important that they work well instead of look good.

5. For security purposes, especially when dealing online, make sure that you deal with manufacturers which are already well known in selling used shipping containers. Avoid dealing with suppliers who are not reliable.

6. Be sure to inspect used containers before you pay for them. Make sure that the containers are still in good condition and there are no pinholes seen inside the containers, one way of doing this is by standing inside the container with the doors closed, making sure no sunlight can be seen. Make sure that the locking system of the doors are still working and if the doors open and close properly.

Buying used shipping containers should be accompanied with caution in order to get the best quality for your money’s worth.

5 Considerations Before Buying Shipping Containers

When deciding to buy shipping containers, there are many considerations to keep in mind, such as the purpose of buying the containers, the dimensions, the grade of the containers, the size of the warehouse where the containers will be stored and the price are all important. Here are all the considerations in detail.

1. Need and purpose of buying shipping containers:
Before deciding on buying shipping containers, one must be able to evaluate the needs of the business. For example, you are in a manufacturing business and you want your products to be shipped internationally, then you must buy shipping containers. International trade cannot function without shipping containers.

Evaluation of the use of the containers, will they be used for storage or for shipping or for both? Knowing this will help you decide on whether to buy new or used containers.

2. Dimensions of containers:
There are standardized dimensions for shipping containers especially those which are shipped internationally. Here are the standard sizes for steel shipping containers:
a. 45′ x 9′ 6″ x 8′ 6″
b. 48′ x 9′ 6″ x 8′ 6″
c. 53′ x 9′ 6″ x 8′ 6″

3. Grade of shipping containers to use:
Consider the grade of the shipping containers to be used. Take note that there are at least 3 grades for shipping containers.
a.New containers
b.Used but inspected and certified.
c.Water weight shipping containers.

4. Size of the place where the shipping containers will be stored:
Be sure that if you need 20 feet shipping containers, the space you need to store them should be double or triple the size to facilitate flawless storage and removal.

5. Price and manufacturers of shipping containers:
Right prices for containers used in the shipping industry are only given by reliable suppliers and manufacturers of shipping containers. Be sure to do a background check on the manufacturer or supplier, so that you can be guaranteed of the highest quality shipping containers with right price.