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4 Common Ways to Recycle Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers, depending on quality can still be used as storage of products inside the warehouse or for other relevant uses such as for building houses and other living units. According to statistics, there are about 17 million shipping containers in the world today. The quantity of produced shipping containers is still on the raise today. With this, waste is accumulated but there are ways to recycle old shipping containers which are no longer used for shipping in order to help minimize waste. Here are some of the most common ways to recycle used shipping containers.

1. Houses and Hotels
One of the newest adapted trends today for construction firms is the utilization of used shipping containers into new houses and living structures. This is more economical and practical than building new houses made of bricks and other construction materials such as concrete and wood.

Aside from little and cozy houses, hotels can also be built using used shipping containers. Did you know that the first hotel made up of used shipping containers was first build in 2008 in Uxbridge, West London? According to the builders and developers of this hotel. They used 86 used shipping containers to build the hotel and the construction was 25% faster and 10% cheaper than the cost of building a new hotel made of traditional construction materials.

2. Offices and Retail Establishments
If you are familiar with the Seven Kilometer Market in Odessa, Ukraine, you will believe that there are so many ways to recycle used shipping containers. This market is purely made of shipping containers. Another example of a beautiful creation made out of used shipping containers is the Stuttgart shipping container skyscraper. .

3. Museums
The Nomadic Museum in Mexico City is a perfect example that testifies that used shipping containers can be recycled to build museums. The walls of the Nomadic Museums are made of used shipping containers.

4. Children’s Center
Children’s centers can be built from used shipping materials. An Example of this is the Fawood Children’s Center in London.

All you Need to Know About Shipping Container Prices

Shipping containers are greatly utilized for transport of products from one country to another country and because of the increasing demand for shipping containers by almost all businesses, it is relevant to study and make a comparison on the different shipping container prices.

If you are planning to buy either Grade A, Grade B or Grade C shipping containers, the quality of the units will still be dependent on the shipping container prices. Quality of the units as well as the type of service whether it is purchased or rented will all depend on the prices set by the manufacturer that is why it is very important to be aware of the various prices set by shipping containers manufacturers.

Most transactions which involve buying and selling of containers take place on the internet. Several manufacturers or suppliers have their own website where they are able to promote and advertise their shipping containers for sale with their corresponding prices. Therefore, there are only three categories when it comes to the shipping container prices:
A. The price of newly manufactured shipping containers.
B. The price of re-used shipping containers.
C. The price of shipping container rental.

Before planning to buy a container, evaluate the different prices of shipping containers online, make sure that you already know the details of the container you need. Also, bear in mind that you have to choose whether you will buy or rent and whether you will purchase new or re-used containers.

If you are planning to buy new shipping containers that are for sale on the market, be aware that the standard shipping container prices as of this year 2012 can vary from $2,300 and $3,300. Rental prices for standard shipping containers can vary from $75 to $110 depending on size and this is exclusive of shipping fees which can reach up to $80 per container.
Re-used shipping container prices vary from $500 and can increase up to a maximum of $2900. The prices can depend on the quality and the degree of repair and improvements done to the shipping containers.

Shipping container prices depend on the quality, condition and the type of container. shipping container prices posted online don’t include shipping fees that is why it is recommended to ask first the supplier before closing the deal.

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