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5 Considerations Before Buying Shipping Containers

When deciding to buy shipping containers, there are many considerations to keep in mind, such as the purpose of buying the containers, the dimensions, the grade of the containers, the size of the warehouse where the containers will be stored and the price are all important. Here are all the considerations in detail.

1. Need and purpose of buying shipping containers:
Before deciding on buying shipping containers, one must be able to evaluate the needs of the business. For example, you are in a manufacturing business and you want your products to be shipped internationally, then you must buy shipping containers. International trade cannot function without shipping containers.

Evaluation of the use of the containers, will they be used for storage or for shipping or for both? Knowing this will help you decide on whether to buy new or used containers.

2. Dimensions of containers:
There are standardized dimensions for shipping containers especially those which are shipped internationally. Here are the standard sizes for steel shipping containers:
a. 45′ x 9′ 6″ x 8′ 6″
b. 48′ x 9′ 6″ x 8′ 6″
c. 53′ x 9′ 6″ x 8′ 6″

3. Grade of shipping containers to use:
Consider the grade of the shipping containers to be used. Take note that there are at least 3 grades for shipping containers.
a.New containers
b.Used but inspected and certified.
c.Water weight shipping containers.

4. Size of the place where the shipping containers will be stored:
Be sure that if you need 20 feet shipping containers, the space you need to store them should be double or triple the size to facilitate flawless storage and removal.

5. Price and manufacturers of shipping containers:
Right prices for containers used in the shipping industry are only given by reliable suppliers and manufacturers of shipping containers. Be sure to do a background check on the manufacturer or supplier, so that you can be guaranteed of the highest quality shipping containers with right price.

Tips on How to Buy Shipping Container

Shipping containers are essential for businesses that engage in the manufacturing and shipping of goods, this includes international trade.

Here are 5 tips that will help you find the containers you are looking for.

Tip Number 1:
Make sure that you know the needs of your business and how many containers you will require, you must also consider whether they are for storage or transportation use.

Tip Number 2:
You must consider whether you are going to buy the containers for more long term use or if you are equally happy to use a rental service. If you have a continuous business related to shipping and transport of products especially in international trade, then you should consider using shipping containers.

Tip Number 3:
Are you going to buy newly made shipping containers or are you happy to use re-used ones? This of course will be dependent on your budget. It is also important to note that the lifespan of a re-used container will be considerably shorter than a newly made one.

Tip Number 4:
Ensure that you buy your container from a reputable shipping manufacturer or supplier. Buying from these companies will assure you that you can have the best quality at the right prices. Be cautious that there are manufacturers online who compromise quality just to sell shipping containers.

Tip Number 5:
Take note that you will need a large space to store your containers particularly if they are the larger shipping containers. For example if you buy a 20 ft shipping container, your storage space should be at least double the size of your container to ensure easy transportation.

With these 5 simple tips you can ensure that you buy a high quality container at a reasonable price that is tailored to your businesses needs.