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The Best Places To Buy A Shipping Container Online


Buying a new or used shipping container used to be a long, time consuming process. Sending requests out to local vendors and waiting for them to respond with pricing was an arduous and very old school process.

Fortunately, the internet has solved some of these problems.

#5 – ContainersAuction.com – Was a good site for buying but has now been absorbed by Shipped.com (#1 below).

#4 – eBay.com has a shipping container section with quite a few for sale.  The problem is delivery is not included and most of the containers on offer will be far from your home.

#3 – Craigslist.org – Lots of deals can be found on Craigslist and there are containers listed in many of the top cities.  Buyer beware when dealing with the sellers though – make sure you FULLY INSPECT the container before forking over your cash.

#2 – Local Vendors – Guys like MobileMini come to mind.  But the prices these companies charge is typically quite high.  Check the phonebook or online sites like YellowPages.com to find them, contact them, and then deal/negotiate with them.

#1 – Shipped.com – This is the largest online marketplace to buy or sell shipping containers.  It works like a reverse eBay, you put in what you want and then sellers compete for the lowest price. All sellers are verified and they also have a free escrow feature, guaranteeing that the buyer gets the exact container they’re supposed to.


If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  We love to read your feedback.  Good luck with your shipping container buying!

10 Useful Facts on Shipping Containers For Sale

Are you planning to have a business in the shipping industry? Or are you planning to ship your products internationally aside from doing it domestically? Here are some of the useful information for you to know related to shipping containers.

1. Shipping containers have several sizes. Be sure to check on the standardized sizes before buying shipping containers that will be used for international shipping.

2. The intermodal freight container is one type of shipping container which is considered to be the international standard container used to ship products from one country to another. These shipping containers are called intermodal because containers can be transported to one mode of transportation into another without the unloading and loading situations.

3. Corrugated boxes which is another type of shipping containers are built to be lightweight and stiff to hold products because the corrugated fiberboard are used for making these containers. The best thing about corrugated boxes is its feature of crush resistance and adequate resistance for stacking in warehouses of its cushioning design.

4. Intermediate bulk shipping container (IBC) is another type of containers used for shipping goods. These containers are intended for storage and shipping of fluid and bulk materials.

5. Shipping temperature sensitive products are needed to be stored and transported in insulated shipping containers. Medicine, food and chemicals should be placed in insulated containers and protected in order to maintain the products’ efficacy and freshness.

6. A specialized cargo on a commercial freight is called unit load device. This type of shipping container is often a pallet or a specific container which will load luggage, freight and mail on airplanes and other commercial aircraft.

7. Shipping of weapons and aviation components need specialized shipping containers. Usually the containers are equipped with cushioning materials, braces and locks.

8. For fragile products such as audio visual, cameras, computers, instruments, transit and flight cases are used as the shipping containers. Generally, these type of shipping containers are built lightly but have strong walled edges and corners for better protection and cushioning of the materials inside it.

9. Road cases are often used for storage and transport of musical instruments and materials used in theater like props. This is a specialized type of shipping containers.

10. Other types of shipping containers include crates, bulk boxes, wooden boxes and drums. Different materials are used for these containers which range from softwood, hardwood, plastic and steel materials.

Knowing the products that you are going to store and transport is one of the most important things in order to identify which shipping containers will be used.